With over nineteen years of experience, I am classically trained as a software engineer and proficient in C and C++.  My current role is a Software Engineering Manager directing the full life cycle of software including proposals, prototyping, proof of concept, requirements definition, design, interface implementation, testing, and maintenance.

I have strong leadership skills with demonstrated proficiency in bringing individuals together in completing a task or project.

I have solid communication skills demonstrated in meetings, team work, and when conveying technical information to the customer.

Proven software design, implementation, and testing skills through entire life cycle of multiple projects.

Experienced Systems Administrator and Information System Security Officer (ISSO).

Skills include:

  • Programming languages
    • Proficient: C, C++, Bash
    • Experience: Python, Java
  • System Administrator
    • Linux (Class: RHEL7 RHCSA)
    • Previous experience: Windows Server 2008